Thursday, August 03, 2006

County Fair Results

We went to the fair this morning, and I found out what placings my garments received.

Cable Bobble Sweater First and Best of Lot

Vogue #8123 Jacket with Embellished Collar First

Shirt KwikSew #1627 Second

All in all, I'm fairly happy with my showing, although I always feel bad if Pearle doesn't get a first-prize shirt to wear, but there's always the State Fair at the end of the month. Reversals have been known to occur, in both directions.


Ann Rowley said...

Very well done, Liana.

mamafitz said...

way to go liana! i'll find out about my stuff tomorrow.

Cindy said...


sewingsuzee said...

Well, I guess you really *can't* win them all! But I certainly agree about the sweater and jacket - we'd have to see the first place shirt to know if it's worthy (but I doubt it!)

That sweater is just spectacular.

Linda said...