Friday, June 16, 2006

Moving Along

First of all, I want to thank everyone so much for the very kind comments on my run of bad luck. I appreciate your concern more than you know. The burn appears to be alright. I apparently cooled it quickly enough to prevent much damage. My shoulder is still hurting though, and I'm becoming resigned to its being a problem for some time. Maybe not such a big problem I hope. Because of it, I went and got a haircut today. Does this seem like a non-sequitur? Well, I can't wash it and fix it, so thought it was time for a trim anyway, and I feel much better now. I also treated myself to a blissful pedicure, and I feel quite princessy!

I'm going with a friend to the Sewing Expo in Omaha tomorrow. We will take a Knits class with Emma Seabrooke, and then just wander the vendor area until we succumb to temptation. I'm hoping for Tire silk thread. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to break down and order it. Other than that, I don't think there's anything specific I'm looking for, but I'm thinking hard, as I'm sure there must be something that I'm overlooking.

My sister sent me a really great article perfect to read before going to a sewing/fiber/textile show. It's called Right From the Start by Marci Petrini. Even if you're not going to a show, it's a good prod to begin thinking about why you approach your art the way that you do.

I received a new Katia knitting pattern book today. It's #448, Spring/Summer and there are some wonderful patterns. I have made several Katia patterns previously, and I really like their books. They always have several that I would seriously consider, the directions are good, the charts and schematics are clear, and I have decided that I think they're among the best of the yarn-brand pattern books I've seen.

One more thrilling tidbit. I feel like I'm learning to use the computer all over again, as I have begun using the mouse with my left hand since yesterday. Moving my arm from the keyboard to the mouse was obviously a problem, and I finally switched, and it was not horrible, but non-intuitive, until my sister suggested that I should switch the buttons too, and that helped a lot. Now a left click is a right click, but more importantly, it's still the index finger doing its thing!

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sewingsuzee said...

Glad the burn is healing! Hope the shoulder follows suit - is it hard to knit?

Thanks for the's a nice reminder to know why you do what you do. :-)