Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Border Print Skirt

I finally finished the belt for the border print skirt, which is what has been holding me up. As it turns out, it was not as important as I had thought it would be. If I were going to wear it with a tucked-in top, then it would be necessary to hide the elasticized waist, but with the tops on the outside, it doesn't show at all, and the belt, which is more of a narrow cummerbund, just adds bulk, although it can be nice over a top.

I originally planned this skirt to go with the jacket and blouse that you see above. I didn't have a real plan for the skirt, but I knew I wanted something a little different, with plenty of walking ease, and perhaps some kind of drape or asymmetric hemline. When I finished it, I wondered whether it would really work as part of the planned group. It's definitely a departure for me, but I really kind of like it, and I think it works. Dare I say that it's my "Homage to Lacroix"? I have always loved his wild conglomerations of prints and colors and styles which may look random, but are truly masterful. I hadn't planned this to attempt to approach that style, but it does come to mind.

Here it is with a knitted top, and very much milder in effect. You can see the bow much more clearly in the side view, too.

The photos are much clearer, and there are more at My Photos, including photos of the inside drape attachment.

The fabric for this skirt is from JoAnn's, and is a 45" polyester silky print. I bought 2 yards, and used almost every snippet. I did a baby hem the entire length before I started, and then sewed the side seam, and started trying it on with elastic around my waist. I tucked and fussed, and draped and pinned, and finally came up with an inverted pleat in the back, with the fabric in the pleat folded several times on each side of the pleat to give some depth, and to keep the fullness all at the back. The drape is stitched to a doubled ribbon which hangs from the waist, and is folded over several times to give a sturdy base for the stitching, and for the bow attachment. It also keeps the weight of the drape and bow from pulling the skirt down.

I think this is going to be fun to wear. Shoes seem to be the most difficult element to get right with this. They need a little weight, but not too much. I think the espadrilles are good with the top, but a little flighty-looking with the jacket. I'm not sure about the pumps either, though. Luckily, I won't have to decide on that until closer to fall, I don't think.


Vicki said...

Liana, the skirt is very cute! Very clever of you. It looks very smart with the jacket and a little bit more casual with the knit top. I like the wedges best on the feet, but agree maynot be dressed up enough for the jacket. Very nice combo.


Susan said...

That is a gorgeous outfit! I love that border print! The sweater works great with it, too. Love the shoes!

Beaufitul jacket! Did you make it, too? Looks great! I envy anyone's jacket making skills. I can't wait to get good enough to take that plunge...

Mardel said...

Great look on you and I love the skirt! How utterly fabulous.

The shoes are great too. I know this blog is more about sewing and knitting but frankly, my little shoe-fetishist heart goes pitty pat when I get to see the shoes too.

Gidget said...

Oh Liana! Your skirt looks great! It is really nice to the fabric sewn up and you up and moving about. Hope all is well!