Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swimsuit Straps and Food

From 2011April

I have been trying out Water Aerobics lately. I've had problems with Sciatica in the past, and suddenly it's back, and nothing seems to help much. It was suggested that water exercise might be good, as well as a few other things, but so far I'm trying the water, and it seems to help. It keeps pressure off the nerve, but still allows one to exercise.

I hadn't bought a swimsuit for years, but purchased 2 at the FIDM Shop in LA's Fashion District. They're identical styles in similar prints from Esther Williams. They have loops to attach halter straps, but there were no straps. Perhaps this is why they were selling them for $5 each. I decided it would be more comfortable to have regular, over-the-shoulder straps. I used some Victoria's Secret Satin Lycra I had. I put the non-stretch going lengthwise, so the straps do not stretch much if at all. There's plenty of stretch in the suit, and I wanted support. I made wide turned tubes, and pinned them in place, then tried it on, and adjusted (shorter) and did 2 rows of 2x2 zigzag at each end.
From 2011April
I think it turned out very well, and it's very comfortable to wear, and I think it looks pretty good, too. The color match is better than what I thought I'd find in the inventory. Now to do the other suit.

From 2011April

I also baked some rolls using the FARR bread machine I have. (FARR is Frivolous Appliance Round-Robin, and the machine belongs to my brother. I'm just 'storing' it right now.) You make the dough in the machine, then roll and shape it, let it rest, and bake it. They turned out pretty nice, and it was kind of fun. I love bread.

From 2011April


Sharon said...

Excellent idea for your straps and fresh baked bread, heaven.

Gail said...

A very nice swimsuit. I wonder if there is a less visible way of a attaching them than the zig-zag stitching.

Sigrid said...

Beautiful swimsuit, the colors are so well together.

Liana said...

Gail, I think if you wanted to to be truly invisible, you'd need to either do it by hand at the top of the suit, and then you could machine stitch over the topstitching that's already there, or open it up and do it that way. I didn't think it was that important on this project, so I just did it the quick and sturdy way. :) I was mainly interested in the fact that adding the straps at all worked so well. I had been unsure if it would be a wearable solution.

ACorgiHouse said...

A great fix, those straps look wide enough (and with the non-stretch going lengthwise) they should stay put in water aerobics. And great mix of projects! If I ate all those rolls, I'd need double aerobics just to maintain status quo.. :) K

Gail D. said...

Liana, for what it's worth, I have sciatica and know how painful it can be. My brother-in-law is a physical therapist and gave me this exercise, and I swear my pain is always gone the next day.

Lie on a mat on the floor with a pillow under your pelvis. Raise just the upper part of your body with your arms, like a pushup. Keep the buttocks loose but move them around--it helps get the pressure off the nerve. Hold it for a count of 5, then lower your body. I usually repeat this 5 times or so.

Hope it helps!

Gail D.

BetsyV said...

Nice swimsuit straps! I could use a nice swimsuit. Oh who am I kidding! I haven't been swimming in years!

And thanks for the reminder on the Frivolous Appliance Round Robin. That is SUCH a good idea. My family has loads of frivolous appliances we could swap back and forth. Blooming Onion, anyone?

Summerset said...

Very smart to fix up those straps! I guess it wasn't too much trouble, since you also make bras/underwear, and the skills are similar. Those are some nice suits and now you can really use and enjoy them.

Alexandra said...

Brave woman! Swimsuit fabric scares me. The straps look really nice. I hope your pain goes away soon.

Marian said...

What a beautiful swimsuit
How nice that you also make lingerie that do not come so often ...
I've walked through your blog here on lingerie, and there are loveley between sets.

( my English is not so well, sorry for that, I hope you understand wat I mean)