Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring, and a Turkey Has Come

From 2011-04

It was nice in Chicago, especially on Sunday, but it's absolutely perfect Spring weather here in Lincoln. The forsythia had begun when I left, and there were crocuses, grape hyacinth, and other early bulbs blooming. Now everything is just pushing out, including the wisteria. Its buds are approaching 2" long, and have a ways to go before they'll bloom, but things are looking up. Spring is always so cheerful and hopeful. And then there's this turkey.

I saw the turkey once before I left, and now she's still hanging around. The photo is taken off the top deck, and the turkey is actually in the neighbor's yard. It seems perfectly calm and has apparently adopted the area as a safe place to forage. I'm wondering if there isn't a nest somewhere around close. It's fun to see it, no matter why it's here.

More Spring Flowers.
From 2011-04

This little stone bunny was my Mother's, and I think he looks quite serious guarding the daffodils.

From 2011-04

Helleborus Orientalis - Lenten Rose is just about done for the season. It's finally beginning to spread out a little, which is nice. It's a beautiful plant, and always blooms for me during Lent, as it supposed to.

From 2011-04

I planted some ferns a few years ago on the North side of the fence on the East side of the house, so lots of shade. They lived, but didn't particularly thrive. Until this year. Suddenly I have ferns coming up on both sides of the fence, and multiple times as many as originally were planted. I was so thrilled when I discovered them yesterday.

From 2011-04

View of the back from the patio. Note antique horse weather vane/lightning rod.

From 2011-04

Wider view of the back.

I spent a few hours in the afternoon yesterday cleaning the flowerbeds up, and got a lot done, but I still have a ways to go. It's nice work, though.


Mary Beth said...

Beautiful yard, isn't it nice to see all the garden "friends" again? If Dear Turkey nests she can be quite territorial, to the point of being aggressive. Hope she behaves :)

Gorgeous Things said...

Oh that's so beautiful! We're just getting the daffodils in Boston. I can't wait for spring to really arrive here.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Thanks for sharing the shots of your backyard. I've always loved seeing them since you plant such beautiful flowers.