Saturday, February 28, 2009

Summer Sewing in the Snow

Yes, it's snowing here, and not just a little bit.

I'm just about done with the Marfy #1640 blouse I started recently. I just need to hem it, sew on a couple more buttons and do a few finishing touches. Here's a close-up of the pocket, flap and tab on one side. I think all the details turned out really cute.

Originally I thought I'd have to leave some of the details off, but with my lowered empire seam, it worked out perfectly. The fabric is a very light voile I got from FabricMart last year. I think it's perfect for this design. The print is very large scale and abstract, and there's no question of needing to match it, which makes it all kind of fun and spontaneous.

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You may remember the cabled sweaters I knitted for my brother and one nephew for Christmas 2 years ago, using a pattern from Drops. I am now ready to knit one for the older nephew. I didn't want to do his until he was a little older because he was close to 'growth spurt age' and I wanted this to be wearable for more than a year or two. He's going to get a somewhat oversized sweater anyway, but he'll soon grow into it, I'm sure. Boys don't generally mind wearing things that are a little big anyway. He chose the color, Delta in the same wool I used before, Bendigo's Rustic. Lovely yarn, and I ordered it yesterday. I'll be interested to see how soon it comes because they generally send things very, very quickly.


Rebecka said...

I love your fabric for your blouse. You inspire me so much with your talents. And, your knitting… I just have to say WOW!

Elaray said...

I LOVE the blouse fabric! I'm going to have to take a look at Fabric Mart!

Rachel said...

The fabric you are using for that blouse is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am plugging along in my quest to learn knitting. Those cabled sweaters are just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Liana, I just had to show those sweaters to DH because he can't believe that I'll ever finish his.

Yours are beautiful, and I love the yarn you used.