Thursday, July 19, 2007

...Tan Shoes & Pink Shoelaces...

Actually instead of a polka dot vest, it's polka dot pants! I don't know how many of you remember that very silly song, but it takes me back to my 4H Song Contest days. Our group didn't sing that song, but we heard it a lot from another club, and it stuck. For us, our leader picked serious song literature.

................."Ja Da, Ja Da, Jing, Jing, Jing.".............................

Anyway, on to the polka dot pants.

Link here to this and a front view.

This is my favorite Double Burda pattern in polka dot embroidered linen from JoAnn's. I think they turned out kind of cute. I wore them to dinner tonight, and I have to admit that every time I looked down for my napkin and got a glimpse of the dots I was sure I had spilled something. I think they look cute with the windowpane blouse, and the linen is almost a perfect match for a gorgeous Sewing Workshop vest that I got from Pam. How amazing is that?

These have my favorite Hollywood waist treatment, a left side invisible zipper and a right side inseam pocket. I have finally learned that I have to hem the right leg about 3/8" longer to make them match. High left shoulder and high right hip I guess. I don't feel all squinched up, but apparently I am.

I got a new knitting pattern book. It's Anny Blatt: Timeless Classics from the Knit Collection
I saw a copy the other day, and it has some really wonderful patterns in it. The yarns will have to be substituted I'm sure, as it's not a terribly new book. I hope I'll actually get to knit some of them. Surely I can get to one of them at least.


Bonnie said...

I've never sewn with a Burda pattern. What do you mean when you say Double Burda pattern? Thanks. bonnie

Dell. said...

Hello Liana,
I like reading your blog so thank you for your efforts. You must be Wonder Woman... Sew, Knit AND garden... I do all that BUT don't actually complete everything as quickly as I should.. I love your beautifully crafted shirts. You have one lucky husband with such a choice of shirts to wear.
As I live in Australia, most of the products and outlets you mention are unknown here. Best wishes, Dell.

sue v said...

hi liana,
I got the vest for your pants!
I recently made a vest (butterick 5052) with the same fabric. I'll have to post a photo over on yahoo for you to see.


Liana said...

Bonnie, I think you'd like Burdas. They're renowned for their pant fit especially. I call my pattern Double Burda because it's two different Burda patterns put together to get the look I want; one for the legs and one above the legs. Sorry to be so unclear.

Dell, Thank you so much for the kind comments! I'm not so quick either, most of the time. I envy you your access to Bendigo yarn, and all the other great yarns there. I've heard fabric is hard to find, and that's sad. It's getting a bit that way everywhere unfortunately.

Sue, How cool! I'd love to see it! I think we'd better each stick with one piece of polka dots though, rather than borrowing and being entirely dotty. :) Good to hear from you!

Linda said...

Like the pants. They look nice with the windowpane blouse.