Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ta Da! It's a skirt, NOT pants

but you probably would have noticed that anyway!

Yes, I finished the tunic outfit I had started. For some reason, I was apparently convinced that this fabric was 60" wide when I bought it, and thought I was getting enough for a tunic and pants, but lo and behold it's actually 48" wide. I tried to get more fabric, but it was all gone, so it was on to Plan B.

Link to Larger Photos Here.

The pants would have been rather plain, but with the skirt, I decided to emphasize the vertical line of the CF and CB seams by turning the seam allowances to the right side and then edgestitching. I did the hem similarly, and the top elastic casing as well, which I think is terribly cute, although no one will ever see it, as I'm certainly not going to wear this skirt (or almost any skirt) with a top tucked in. I'm just too shortwaisted for that. The skirt pattern is for knits, and although this is a fairly stretchy woven, I was worried that it would be tight, so I added 4" to the circumference. It's just fine, with plenty of room to put it on as well. I attached the 1 1/4" elastic at the top only, so the skirt hangs away from the body just a bit below that, and I think it's a success.

After all the details on the skirt, the tunic needed a bit more oomph, so I turned the hem to the right side, and made it a bit wider than it originally was, and I edgestitched all the seam allowances, although on the sleeves, since they are rolled up, I didn't stitch them to the sleeve, but left them free. I may not always roll them just the same amount, and I didn't want stitching showing on the right side.

I can hardly wait for cooler weather to wear this, as I think it's going to be great fun.


Alex said...

Liana, great outfit. I love the colorblocking effect. The lines remind me of an outfit I'd seen a couple years ago in a Victoria's Secret catalog, of all things. The skirt was leather, the top was fleece, but the silhouette was the same. It has that elegant, cool, comfy feel without looking like one is trying too hard. I think I'll copy you if you don't mind.

Elaray said...

The little features you added make this a really great outfit. You're small changes have a big impact on the complete outfit. Aren't you glad you can sew?!

Linda said...

As always a nice outfit. Glad you were able to adjust to use the limited fabric.