Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Inspiration

Better than Christmas is an interestingly full mailbox.

More inspiration arrived in the last few days in the shape of books and magazines.

First came the Ralph Rucci book from Amazon. (I also got a 1930's-green metal colander, but that's strictly utilitarian, although I'm pretty thrilled with it.

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Then I got the new Vogue Patterns Magazine, Threads and the July Burda World of Fashion on the same day!

So, now all I'm waiting for is my Marfy catalog, which I was really sure would be here by now. At least I was hoping quite a lot. Next chance is Thursday I guess.

Thinking of the colander makes me think of food, and we had the first sweet corn of the season last Friday! It was only average. Too old, in my opinion, but one of the guys who farms for us says his first should be ready by the end of the week, so that will be much better. Fresh out of the field can't be beat, and he raises some delicious and very tender varieties. 'Sweet corn' and 'tender' was an unheard of combination for many years, but in the last decade or so, things have greatly improved. Can't wait!


Mardel said...

Oh I am so jealous because I don't have the Vogue Patterns yet! I know I shouldn't complain, I got the other two, and haven't even looked at the Threads in any detail, but still.

Isn't the Ralph Rucci book thrilling?

Julie said...

The blouse is lovely anyway.

New magazines! I can't wait to get them...inspiration!

I haven't tried the Marfy patterns yet...do you find them more difficult to use without instructions?

Liana said...

Mardel, It is thrilling! Oh to ever be able to do a tiny bit of any of it. Ah well. I was less than totally thrilled with the VP. Lots of good patterns, but some really shapeless stuff here and there.

Julie, Thanks! Marfys aren't hard, but it helps to have a good sewing resource book, or check pattern instructions for similar designs and then decide what you want to do. Mainly it's pretty straightforward, and the drafting is so good.