Monday, July 09, 2007

Fall Marfy Catalog is Here

Tra la! My Marfy catalog came today, as promised. I've been looking hard at all the designs, and there are a few that are calling to me, although I must say, not as many as usual. I do really like the free patterns this time. They're shown in the first 2 photos below. There's a nice shirt/jacket, pants, and bias skirt, shown below.

And then a darling cape (very small in the upper left of the picture below) which is going on the fast-track list, and is shown with a cute top and a very casual skirt.

Vests must be very hot this fall as I noticed a couple in the latest Vogue Patterns magazine as well, and wondered about it. I like the one shown below fairly well, but it's the skirt that really caught my eye. (The vest pockets would definitely have to go, or at least move elsewhere.)

This very cute jacket is one that immediately called out to me. I look at it, and I really like it, but I wonder if I ought to be forgoing the short jackets. I think it's the very low closure with the V-neck that I like. It might be enough to counteract the shortness of the jacket. It's pretty cute, anyway. Nice skirt as well.

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This is another skirt that caught my eye. It reminds me a lot of a Marfy from a couple of seasons ago that I really disliked, so I was initially surprised that I immediately liked this one. This is so similar, and yet it is much better. I think the older one had curved panels starting on each hip instead of just one in the back. Anyway, it was unflattering even in the illustration, I thought.

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I will need to ponder these designs and look at my personal fabric store to see what I really am serious about, but there's definitely food for thought here, and I'm very much ready to think about fall fashions rather than summer. I want to make sure that I'm sewing things that are going to work with at least some of the wardrobe I already have, and it would be nice to be a little bit organized about it for a change. When I've done that in the past, it's been a real success, but it's awfully easy to fall back into the routine of just making individual pieces and then afterward hoping they'll work out.


Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing some of the Marfy designs. They all look so tempting in the books - so stylish.

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

Thanks for the tour! I also like that short jacket with the skirt very much. I also really like the little cape design. I haven't purchased this Marfy catalog. Yet.

AnnR said...

Thanks for this Liana. I still haven't really made my mind up about Marfy, I have to alter these patterns more than others and can't really decide whether it's worth it - just lazy I guess!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the eye candy. My Marfy hasn't arrived, should be any time. I particularly like that pleated skirt and the cape, those both look like things I could go with right out of the box. You've got an impressive selection of patterns there, could keep you busy for most of the fall! karent

touran said...

Thanks for posting, Liana. They're lovely designs, yet again. I'm taking a break from Marfy, so I really enjoyed the sneak peek.

Linda said...

I really like some of the skirts shown in these patterns. I know you will find something in your collection of fabric to make.

Lorna said...

I just got my Marfy catalogue and I also loved tracking it! I ordered on a Friday and it arrived on Tuesday. Amazing ...

I love some of the free patterns as well and already have fabric for the cape and the cardigan/jacket and the pullover top! I have about a half dozen of other ones I am debating right now as well.

Can't wait to see which ones you do up!