Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Marfy Flounce Blouse #1251

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I finished the Marfy blouse I was altering the pattern for in my last post. I think the alterations were about right, although I had to take in the front from the waist down. This fabric also has a slight tendency to grow a bit, as it's so very loosely woven. It's a silk gauze with a "flocked" paisley design. It's from FabricMart, and I've had it quite a while. When it came, it was much darker than I'd thought it would be, and so although I still liked it and wanted to use it, it wasn't right for what I'd had in mind. I thought it fit the boho feel of this blouse, however, and it was very nice to work with.

The actual construction took me just a week, but the cutting out seemed to go very slowly for some reason. I used a loden silk organza for the interfacing, and I'm pretty pleased about how it doesn't really change the color of the fabric. Wherever there's interfacing however, there's also a facing or double layer of some kind, and so that changes the color anyway.

The sleeve "cuffs" gave me some trouble in deciding just how to do them. They are not a real opening cuff, they simply are a narrow band above the sleeve flounce, which has a buttonhole through a doubled spot, which is then buttoned to the cuff a little further on. I've seen this before, I think in Roberta Carr's Couture book, but I've never actually made one.

Although I like this blouse, I don't think it's my best style. I have never felt comfortable in ruffles, and although these flounces don't bother me, and are better than actual ruffles, I'm really the more tailored type. I know that, and I should just stick with it. I like tailored things anyway. I plan to make this blouse again, but with the lapel on both sides and plain sleeves. I'll also skip the V in the hem.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Liana - it is a very impressive blouse and I love the way it looks on you. It doesn't seem that much of a departure from your usual gear. This is bad, I remember when you bought that fabric from FM! Will you make another version?

Anonymous said...

The blouse looks nice but that V at the bottom doesn't flatter you at all. My first reaction was, "Where is the svelte Liana?". You always look so elegant in your clothes so I think you could make it more "Liana" with pants in a similar shade to minimise the starkness of the V.
As usual your workmanship seems superb and I constantly admire your skill.
Kind regards

Vicki said...

My first impression was WOW, Liana looks gorgeous! (Not that you don't normally..lol), but I think it is particularly flattering. I think the softness is nice. And of course beautiful work!

Kathleen C. said...

Very nice!
Interesting though... here I was looking at the photo and thinking "Boy, she looks great! I wish I could wear ruffles as well as Liana does". And there you were thinking that you don't.
I guess it's all about self perception.

Linda said...

Liana, I like the ruffle look on you. I think it is a great departure away from the plain and boring nothing in front tops I have been wearing lately. You see it in person and I am looking at a photo, but the look is fabulous on you. I have to respectfully disagree. I think the ruffles and the v on the bottom all contribute to giving you a curvy, beautiful shape - very sexy!

Janimé said...

I also really like how the flounces look on you, but agree about taking out the V in the hem.

I'm also not a "ruffles" kind of person. But I have this one blouse with flouncy sleeves (bought, not made)that is one of my most complimented. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Liana, I have to agree with Vicki and Linda, you look lovely in this blouse and carry the ruffles well. The ruffles are very soft and more flat than full and bouncy, so it is not overwhelming at all, plus you have the height to pull it off.