Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fast Thread

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I have been listening to some experts who like cotton thread for garment construction, and since I've tried silk and liked that, I thought another natural fiber would probably be very nice also. I bought a couple spools of DMC 100% Cotton 50wt. Machine Embroidery Thread at a sewing expo last summer, and didn't actually try any until now. I bought a couple colors "on spec" and just didn't get to one of them before. Anyway, I have decided that I like this thread very much after using it on my Flounce Blouse.

Next problem, where to get more? I found a supplier at Soft Expressions. They have all the colors and a decent price too. What I didn't realize was how fast they were. I ordered just after midnight Thursday, and the thread was in my mailbox this morning! About 58 hours all told. I think they might hold the record, although for speed plus distance, Bendigo still has them beat. Anyway, that's my little box of thread above. I'm not sure what I'll do with the variegated spool, but I think it might be fun for topstitching something.

It's been raining here, and I've been doing some semi-major housecleaning and clearing out. I've got quite the assortment to go to the Salvation Army (because they will come and get it) and I need to just call and have them come, and then again later when I have more. I'm actually letting some of my sewn garments go. They're not particularly new, but they're timeless pieces (I tell myself) and someone should get some use out of them, and maybe even like them.

I did finally break down and buy a Roomba as well, and I've been so pleased with it. (This is what they look like, in case you haven't seem one.) I have almost all wood floors on the first floor, and it's wonderful on non-carpeted surfaces. It's fine on carpet that's not too deep a pile as well, so it does pretty well almost everywhere. I get the biggest kick out of watching it just keep on rolling along when it comes to furniture, as it's able to go under most things, and it will disappear under a sofa skirt and then reappear pretty soon going the other direction. It's almost more like a toy than a tool, but it's not just for fun, it does the job. The other day I felt so virtuous because the dishwasher was washing, the Roomba was vacuuming, and I was out mowing the lawn.

Well, I probably am easily thrilled.


Gaile said...

My secret fear about owning a Roomba is that I'd spend my entire day just watching it instead of making use of the time it was giving me.

Yes, I too am easily thrilled!

Anonymous said...

You can go online and ask Salvation Army do a pickup - and best of all, they save your receipts online so when it's tax time you just print them out . . .

Hope this works:

I enjoy your blog very much!


Anonymous said...

Be careful about leaving those little things (Roombas)unattended. If you mistakenly leave a power cord where they can run over it, if the machine doesn't actually stop, it can pull the cord which in turn can turn over a lamp or whatever. I'm amused at the little tune mine plays when it's stuck (like when it hits a crease or something in a throw rug)--sounds like a little funeral dirge and always makes me chuckle---anyway, sort of keep an eye on it unless you really check your space for cords and whatnot.

Vicki said...

I am a big fan of modern technology, and get very excited about all sorts of things. Thank goodness we have these labour saving devices - more time to sew ;)