Friday, May 18, 2007

Waterlilies & Terriers


I was so thrilled to find 2 waterlilies blooming at the same time in the small waterfall pond that I had to take a photo. I just put the yellow flag iris in with them this spring also, so they must be getting along well. The water seems to be extra clear and nice, which is what lots of plants is supposed to do for you, so it seems to be working.


The little dog checking out another pond is a new neighbor. His name is Fox, and he and his brother are now living next door. They're very friendly, extremely sweet, and almost completely silent. Their escape-proof gates are supposed to be here this weekend, but for now, they come visit now and then. We quite enjoy having them, and I put Fox in the back this morning, as he seemed determined to roam the neighborhood, and we are on a very busy street. He was happy here, and his family could open the gate and take him home when it was safe. He's a terrier although I'm not sure exactly what kind. Wire-haired perhaps. His hair is pretty wiry.

I've also been playing with a borrowed Roomba. It's a little round robot vacuum cleaner, and it's quite fun. The cat is not so thrilled however. I'm not sure if I'll get one, but maybe if there's a good sale sometime, I could justify it.
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Debbie Cook said...

Fox looks like a Jack Russell Terrier (we have one too). I'd want to spend time in your backyard just like Fox!