Monday, May 14, 2007

I Have a Wagon!


I am the proud owner of a lovely wagon! This is the wagon my mother has used for quite a few years as a substitute for a wheelbarrow in the garden. I always hoped to find one like it, but for the time being, a wheelbarrow was working fine for me. With my shoulder injury last year, the wheelbarrow became difficult if not impossible to handle, and when my mother offered me her wagon, I jumped at it.

It's fairly large, as you can see, and not new, but very well made and pretty well cared for. It's been painted numerous times, and is a deep blue at the moment. It even has a piece of carpeting cut to fit the bed. The cat found it to be the perfect napping spot in very short order.

And since it's Mother's Day today, here's my Mom.
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Mardel said...

lovely wagon! What a nice

Anonymous said...

Aaah your Mom is lovely, a very nice mumsie indeed! Hope you both had an enjoyable day.

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

Love your mom's smile. A beautiful lady indeed. (I can tell you two are related :)