Saturday, October 14, 2006

Welt Pocket Test

This may not look too thrilling, but I'm pretty pleased with how this test pocket is going. The lips aren't actually sewn in yet, but I was going past the scanner, so I just took my chance so that you could see it.

The plaid will be on the straight-of-grain, and the pocket will be angled on the coat. It's the largest welt pocket I've ever made; about 6" long and over 1 1/2" wide so that the contrast fabric really shows up. It's a dark green, no matter what it may look like here. It's quite lofty, and I think it's going to be a great contrast fabric for this. I decided I had better make a sample pocket as I realize it's been quite some time since I actually did welt pockets. They're always kind of fun, though. It's just so exciting to see them begin to emerge during the pressing phase.

I'm going to finish my sample, and then stitch the darts on the coat fronts so that I can do the pockets. The pocket openings must line up exactly with the dart ends. Should be exciting, and I'll find out whether I laid out my fabric exactly symmetrically. It's more exciting than I'd planned, as I had to cut each front and back piece separately since the fabric wasn't quite wide enough to do them with the fabric folded.

Here's the pattern illustration again.


Anonymous said...

Nice welt pocket, a nice welt pocket is ALWAYS a thrill. I love the plaid and can't wait to see the coat. It is going to be Gorgeous!!

Linda said...

This coat looks like a Liana Coat. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. Like the look of you test pocket welt.

Marji said...

I'm loving your treatment with the welt pocket. It'll be fun to see this coat finished.

Abi said...

The coat pattern is fabby.The test welt pocket looks perfect.
Waiting patiently(ish) for the coat to be finished

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabrics, wonderful pattern. Awesome pockets. I am anticipating an incredibly inspiring coat. Can't wait!