Friday, October 06, 2006

End-of-the-Season Garden

I thought it would be fun to put up some photos of my garden in its early autumn deshabile. As usual, I should have done more this year, but it looks pretty nice if you don't look too closely. Above and below are the large groupings of asters that take over in the fall. In the morning especially, there are countless Monarch butterflies and bees on them.


Close up of an evening Monarch still at work.

Probably the last waterlily of the season. Posted by Picasa


patsijean said...

I love the asters and their color. Perfect for the front of our red brick ranch. Are they perinnial? Can't remember. We have no flowers for the monarchs on their annual migration and the asters would be perfect.

Liana said...

Yes, they're perennial. Practically wildflowers really. They'll self-seed and spread like mad, which can be nice too. The birds will eat the seeds in winter also, so they're pretty nice. They do want to take over a little bit though. Good luck with them!

patsijean said...

Liana, I thought you might be interested in this cute knitting project. Innocent smoothie drinks in the U.K. is sponcering this. Apparently they will sell bottles of their drinks with the little hats on them and donate a percentage of the proceeds to charities for the elderly. I just viewed a slideshow of some of the hats and they are adorable.

colettema said...

Your garden pictures were a feast for my eyes.