Friday, October 20, 2006

Coat is Done

Well, no photos yet, as it's late and dark, but I finished the coat tonight! I'm quite pleased with it, and I certainly have worked through some trials and tribulations, not the least of which is that my sewing machine died at about 2am Monday morning. Yes, my dear Elna 7000 just gave up. The flywheel suddenly was very stiff and I couldn't pick up the bobbin thread. I took it in on Monday, and just heard tonight that the hook is what's bound up. The repair guy has had solvent on it and is working it and thinks he might be able to get it loosened up enough to get it apart tomorrow to see whether the hook is okay. I hope so.

I ended up finishing on my good old Kenmore, the faithful backup machine. I'm so glad I've kept it in working order all these years. Every once in a while it's worth its weight in gold, or wool at least. I had no problems sewing, and the fact that I have a walking foot for this machine was a great help I think, as the layers were quite thick. This was because I decided to do a complete lining of the coat with the wool/acrylic bouclé fleece from Wazoodle. I was awfully worried about it at the beginning, but I think it was a fine choice, and the coat is all I'd hoped. It's very drapey, and cut large enough that even with a non-slick lining I have no trouble at all slipping it over other clothing, even sweaters. It's going to be extremely warm too.

I may wear it to the Pati Palmer seminar in Omaha tomorrow. It's supposed to be cold, and even colder for the second day on Saturday.


vicki_hks said...

Liana, that is fantastic. You are so quick! Can't wait for the photos. Shame about the Elna!

Mardel said...

Fabulous!!! You really got that done quickly

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are fast, I always love your finished garment, so professional looking. I asspire to sew just like you one day :). Can't wait to see the pictures, and the coat on you!

Linda said...

Can't wait to see your new coat. I know it will look fabulous. Lucky you to go hear Patti Palmer. Would love to join you!

Phyllis said...

yes - photos, we must see photos! I love that coat Liana. The European pattern comanies always have the best coat patterns; way better than anything the Big 4 can come up with.