Friday, May 05, 2006

FabricMart Order Arrived

The 2 fabrics above are from my FabricMart order. I ordered 4 lengths, but two were sold out, and unfortunately, they were the ones I was depending on. Sigh. That's about the way it goes, unfortunately. Anyway, I am planning a camp shirt from the turquoise, and the wild silk print was just kind of a spec fabric. I thought it was really nice, and it may be a lining and a blouse for something.

I also ordered 2 bundles, which I have not done before. This photo shows the Silk Bundle. They did quite a nice job of coordinating colors with things I have ordered, for the most part. The lime duppioni matches the silk print perfectly, and I think I'll wash it a couple times and see if it softens up. It's pretty stiff right now, as you might expect. The deep plum silk is a sheer, and the turquoise is a sueded charmeuse. The pink/white stripe will probably be a blouse.
The free bundle includes a muted lime print which feels like either a stiffish silk or a rayon, and has a vintage look to it that is quite appealing. It's not bad with the duppioni either. Also, a linen/cotton print which I like a lot, a nice blue shirting, a fine black wool, black/blue houndstooth wool and a black knit with floral print. So, all in all, not too bad. I'm not sure I'll try a bundle again soon, but it was kind of fun. I thought it was nice that they gave me the free bundle even though my order was under $100 because of the sold-out items. Not my fault, but still very nice.
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sewingsuzee said...

I love everything, especially the greens. I didn't know about FabricMart, but I see an order from them in my future! The bundle looks very inspiring.

Linda said...

Liana, like your fabric bundle.
Years ago when I started buying from FM, I got a lining bundle for $10. The lining fabrics were great though some were in colors I hardly wear. I wear more warm colors and these were cool.

It was a nice surprise and I still have some of the nice lining fabric.