Sunday, May 07, 2006

One Sleeve To Go

I finished the first sleeve of the Cable/Bobble sweater, and made it quite a bit longer than the pattern specified, as I have long arms, and I also was attempting a slightly less dropped armscye than the original. I was worried that I didn't have it long enough, and I've also been a little worried about the fit in general, so I sewed the shoulder seams, set in the sleeve and sewed the side and sleeve seam, and tried it on. I think it's quite good, and maybe better than I'd hoped. The yarn I'm using, Silky Wool, seems to be quite a bit finer than the Rowan that's called for, and it has a different drape than the VK photo. I'll have to see whether I still think it's an improvement when it's all done, but so far, I like it. Anyway, it's spurred me on to get with it on the second sleeve, and I'm done with one bobble pattern repeat so far. 10 rows done, and only about 200 more to go.

As soon as I took the fabrics from FabricMart down to my sewing area, I held the silks up to the Matka jacket, "just in case" and was pleased to find myself liking the pink and white stripe with it. So, I think that it will be the lining for the seafoam Matka. It looks quite cheery, and I don't think it will matter that the silk is slightly crisp, rather than very soft. It might even be a plus.

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