Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lots of Inputs, Not Much Output

It seems like I haven't had the heart to do much sewing lately, and although I've been knitting some, I seem to have mainly been buying lots of fabric and yarn that I plan to sew or knit or whatever. From what other people have said now and then, this seems to be a common response to the inability (for whatever reason) to create.

Above, the Peep is laying on the partial first sleeve for the VK Bobble/Cable Sweater. I'm getting close to where the cap shaping will begin, and after all this time with this pattern, I'm finally getting to where I can do most of it without looking at the chart. The center panel still takes a lot of care, as the changes are not intuitive, for me at least.

I decided to begin on the Silky Tweed Tank too, as I'd like to have it for sometime this spring or summer. I'm just above the waist on the back, and it's going pretty well. It's quick and easy to knit, and the pattern is very easy to establish. You can see my progress so far, below.

The two balls of yarn above are both Schachenmayr "Toy" which I got from I have begun a shell with the Red Maple color, (on the right) and will use the Fruit Punch (on the left) for a lacy cardigan. I think it will make for an interesting Twin Set. You can see the pattern photos below.

The pattern instructs you to cast on with a different method than I've used before, and I had trouble with their instructions. They wanted you to cast on with 2 yarns, but it didn't seems to be a waste-yarn cast on, and I just couldn't figure it out, so I finally searched June Hiatt's Principles of Knitting to see if there were clearer instructions. I decided that what they wanted was Two Needle Cast On, which is very easy, but sort of complicated, especially to write directions for. It gives you quite a lot more yarn in the knot section of the cast on, and so you get an edge with a lot of give, and yet it doesn't seem to be shapeless in any way. She says it's perfect for scalloped or other shaped edges, as it follows them, and doesn't pull in, and I must say, it seems to work just as she says. I recommend it, and you can see the edge and a close up below.

I've also been haunting the Fabric Mart website, and ordered my first bundle among other things, so that should be exciting. I hope so anyway.

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Stacy said...

What beautiful yarns you've picked out! And I love the patterns as well. I wish that my knitting was better, I would love to graduated to wearable garments!

Congratulations on becoming a fabric mart groupie! What bundle did you order? I can't wait to see your purchases after they arrive!