Saturday, April 01, 2006

Revised Version Vogue 2719 Blouse

Here is the second version of the Vogue 2719 blouse. I like it much better than the first trial version. The collar is about half as wide, the length is better, the sleeves are longer, and the back darts are stitched. I also left out the zipper or any kind of closure. I didn't put shoulder pads in this one, but I may try them. I think I'd like 3/4 sleeves even better in this.

It's extremely comfortable to wear, and will work well with pants or a skirt I think. The fabric is a cotton batik print from Timmel Fabrics. It's no problem to put it on without a zipper or other closure, as the neckline is quite open. The only thing that is kind of weird is the fact that the pattern calls for a button on either side of the collar opening. It looks to me as if they pinned the collar shut for the photo, and I can see why, as otherwise, there is no way that the buttons would ever show. I have very cute little square cutout sun buttons in a dull gold, but no one will ever see them. A hook and eye would work to close the collar, but it would be unattractive when worn open. I think I'll just skip the closure for now, and maybe forever. I'm a little bit curious about trying to make the whole dress, which would be easy with the bodice altered. It's made in 2 pieces anyway.

Here is a photo of the original (lower) versus my redesigned collar. The neck edges of both pattern pieces are facing each other. You can see that that curve is unchanged. The outer style line of the collar is what is drastically different. I've never seen such a stylized exaggerated collar as the original, but it was interesting to try it.

You can see another photo as well as the trial garment and the pattern photo here.


Pamela Erny said...

Hi Liana,

Love your version of this design!
Interesting, isn't it, how very dramatic "wing" collars always look better in the illustrations than in the "fabrications"! LOL!

Sometimes the undercollar of a large wing collar has a long narrow dart that helps it roll and 'sit up' on the neck...this often helps carry the silhouette.

However, your revised collar is just right for your figure... you have designed a perfect garment for yourself yet again!

~Fashion Sewing Supply~

mamafitz said...

Liana, the blouse looks just lovely. I too love 3/4 sleeves, though I would watch that the sleeve hem doesn't meet up with the blouse hem, thereby cutting you in half. :)

Liana said...


It's so nice to hear from you! I should have asked the "collar expert" before I tried that huge collar. Thank you for the kind comments! It's wonderful to hear them from you.

Liana said...


Thank you! I'll watch that sleeve length; that would be a real mistake, and one that seems to happen easily.