Saturday, April 02, 2005

SWAP is Done!!

I finished the last piece of my Official Stage One SWAP this morning. It's a brown doubleknit FFF skirt. I had to do several tiny alterations to my usual methods, so as usual, nothing is easy. It's the shorter length, which I like, although I decided it should be just a little shorter, so turned up the waistband again and stitched. This took away my usual flat rear alteration, so I had to redo that. No big deal, but not as smooth as I could have wished. This fabric was from Trim Fabric and when I got it I was a little disappointed with it, as I thought the color wasn't so great, but it's been growing on me, and I think the skirt turned out great. I have enough to do a cardigan with this, and it will be very versatile, and will certainly go with the SWAP. I will post a photo soon.

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