Monday, April 04, 2005

2005 SWAP Stage I - 11 Pieces

2005 SWAP I
These are all 11 pieces of my 2005 SWAP, Stage I. From Left to Right, top to bottom, they are:

Brown Rayon/Wool Bias Top (Vogue 2683)
Clay Tee (Jalie 2005)
Plaid Shell (McCalls 2818) embellished with Ultrasuede strip and bow.
Olive Rayon Knit Tee (Jalie 2005)
Olive Rayon Knit Cardigan (FSG 1960)
Taupe Dotted Tee (Jalie 2005)
Cream Textured Tee (Jalie 2005)
Olive Rayon Skirt (FFF)
Brown Doubleknit Skirt (FFF)
Brown Linen/Polyester Pants (Double Burda)
Green Wool Pants (Double Burda)

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