Monday, April 04, 2005

2005 SWAP - Stages I & II

This photo show the 16 pieces which comprise Stages I (shown alone below) and II (5 pieces to the left and below the original pieces. From the left, the new garments are:

Basketweave Cardigan (FSG 1960) Brown band matches Stage I brown doubleknit skirt
Olive Knit 3/4-sleeve Tee (Jalie 2005)
Brown Wool/Rayon Jacket (Self-Drafted Pattern)
Tan Wool Pants (Double Burda)
Taupe Dot Skirt (FFF) matches taupe dot tee from Stage I

I am enjoying these pieces a lot, and have fabric and plans to extend it, with a brown doubleknit cardigan, Clay Knit Tee and Cardigan, Tweed Jacket, etc. I'm sure many of these pieces will be in my wardrobe for years to come, as they're colors I love, and classic styles. This is a wonderful base to build from. It's much easier to extend it, as one can make things that only match some of the previous pieces, not all of them, and of course many of these pieces will go with things that weren't specifically thought of to match them.

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