Saturday, April 16, 2005

More Marfy

No actual sewing today, but I've been flying along with the Marfy jacket, and it is darling! The pattern is wonderful, so beautifully drafted, and with such subtle shaping. I did do the lapels in black, and the sleeve hem binding is going to be black too. One sleeve binding is done, and the other is about half-way there. I will do the lining next, but I haven't decided what to use for it. I'm thinking of a plain color lining, since there's a pattern in the wool, and I think a color would be nice, but nothing too outré. The way the collar lays is so perfect, and the darts within the lapel area give it such a wonderful shaping. Everything about this jacket has turned out exactly as shown in the drawing. In my experience, this is amazing. Apparently with Marfy patterns, it is the norm. I may have to change my allegiance, not that I really had any. I wonder how this jacket would change if made up in a thinner fabric, which is what is recommended. Guess I'll have to find out. Especially since I want to make the skirt too.

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