Monday, March 14, 2005

Wool & Linen Pants

I did most of the construction last night on the green Pendleton tropical-weight wool pants for my SWAP. They are underlined with a matching Pendleton lining, and are my TNT (Tried and True) pants pattern I call the Double Burda, as it was created by morphing 2 Burda pants patterns together. Today I will apply my 1/4" waistband and hem them.

I also prewashed the dark brown linen/poly blend fabric from Timmel Fabrics who are sponsoring the SWAP contest, and it came out beautifully. Very nice and drapey. I plan to use the same pattern for it, although I am toying slightly with the idea of tie-front pants a la Nancy Erickson, but I'm not sure the flat front wouldn't be easier to wear with the other components of the SWAP. I do want to make some of the tie-front pants for high summer though.

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