Tuesday, March 01, 2005

SWAP Olive Rayon Knit Pieces

I'm finally back to some "official" pieces of my SWAP collection. I've cut out the NE Cardigan, FFF Skirt, and 2 Jalie Tees from the olive rayon knit. It almost takes longer to do the pockets on the cardigan than the whole rest of it. Anyway, I'm up to putting the front band on. It's nice to be getting somewhere on this collection again.

I went to Sewing Guild tonight, and in fact led the meeting (such as it was) in the absence of the president. The program was given by a member who's a certifies Palmer/Pletsch fitting instructor, and was very good. Everyone agreed she'd have to do another one soon, as she didn't get through all that we wanted to hear.

Gardening has been interfering with sewing for the last few days, but it's quite cold and very windy again, so that may stop for a while.

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