Friday, March 18, 2005

Pendleton Trip

Well, what fun! Yesterday I went to the Pendleton Outlet with Jane, and we did very well indeed! They are unfortunately closing this spring, probably in mid-April, so this may have been my last trip there. I tried to stock up on all the great basics they have, plus fabric of course. I got about 30 yards of various wools, including some of the finest, almost sheer wool I've ever felt; a very soft plaid of butterscotch and cream for a man's shirt. I got 3-5 yards of several plain, light weight, hard finish wools in taupe, dark brown and cream, a navy/natural sharkskin, and several others, including some bright coral tricot, which I've never seen them have before.

Notions included linings, fusible interfacing in black, white and magenta, buttons, shoulder pads, sleeve heads, elastic, Ultrasuede bindings, and zippers. The photo includes some fabric on the right, which I bought there last time.

Last night I cut out the brown linen/poly pants, and the beige cotton underlining I'm using with them, and attached them while staystitching the seams on each piece. I also sewed the darts, so it's on to the zipper today.

I also got brave finally, and soaked one piece of the Resort Tweed in Eucalan, then let it dry flat overnight. This morning I steamed and pressed it, and you can't tell it from the pieces which have not been treated. I'm so pleased! I will do the other two now. I also pressed the Timmel Batik this morning, as I prewashed it last night also. The end of the SWAP is in sight, and none too soon, but I will finish in good time.

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oh no, they're closing a Pendleton outlet? Which one?