Saturday, March 26, 2005

SWAP Finished?

I think I've finished my SWAP collection tonight. I completed the brown linen/poly pants Monday, and then began on a McCalls 2818 princess seamed shell. I decided to try it out of the very thin plaid polyester before trying it with the lovely batik cotton from Timmel's. I'm really glad I did, as I knew I needed to move the bust point up from last time I made it. I did move it, but not far enough I guess, because when I tried it on, I needed to take a tuck right across the high bust area of an inch! So, I did, tapering to the armscyes. I stitched it down by hand, then added a strip of Ultrasuede binding with a flat bow in the center to cover the stitching and tuck. It really turned out very cute, better than without it, and the fit is great. I tried to take photos tonight, but the flash was doing very weird things to the color, so I'll try again tomorrow in actual light.

The reason I'm not sure I'm finished is that I'm thinking of doing another FFF skirt in the brown doubleknit I used for the band on the basketweave jacket. I planned to make one out of that anyway, and if I make it part of the Official SWAP instead of the dotted skirt, then all the tops will go with all the skirts, as they're supposed to. Otherwise, this plaid top really doesn't go with that dotted skirt. Oh well, it's probably the fastest skirt pattern in the west, so no problem, and it will be a nice little project for this weekend.

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