Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New York Trip Part IV - Metro Textiles (Kashi)

I love it when boxes are delivered, especially when there is wonderful fabric inside.  As you might guess, more of the fabric I purchased in New York arrived here today.  I am going to show you what I bought at Metro Textiles.  It's a great shop that you should plan to visit if you get to New York's Garment District to shop.  This was my second visit in the last 3 years, so I feel very lucky.
 Normally I think of knits when I think of Kashi.  It's not that he has only knits, or that he even has mostly knits, it's just that he always has very nice knits at good prices, and he usually has lots of colors.  If you follow me at all, you know that I like "off" colors the best usually, and they're often difficult to find.  When there is a limited selection of knits, they generally stick to fairly standard colors, and that's fine, but I tend to look for the ones that look like they might have been mis-dyed or something, and I have had good luck finding those here. 

I got 4 knits.  Counter-clockwise from the top left, they are 1. a Grey-green and 2. a Grey-brown, which go beautifully together, 3. a Chocolate brown, and 4. a Burgundy laminated with pink and orange.  It's not quite as wild as it looks, but it is unusual.

I also got a pair of fabrics that I normally would not really consider.  I like this kind of thing, but it's a little more contrast than I usually go for, but it just called my name, and whispered ladylike suit-type outfit.  the first half of the duo is a Rust and Creamy White Brocade-type weave with a beautiful weight and  texture to it.  (I think if you click on the picture, you'll get a larger image that will allow you to see the texture better.)

  At this time, my plan is that it will be a jacket, and the Rust heavy stretch woven satin behind it will be a skirt.  Things could change, but I'm really kind of pleased with this idea so far.  I suppose I could always do a dress, and in fact, I have an idea that this would be really good for, so you never know.  I love the colors, though.


Anonymous said...

I went to Metro a month or so ago for the first time...couldn't resist taking three pieces home with me! A beautiful black boucle for a jacket, silk to line that, and a black rayon knit with big hydrangeas. Kashi was so nice, and what bargains!! -Martina

mimi jackson said...

I am only reading these posts for the first time just now. What beautiful fabrics, and what a great trip! One thing's for sure... Rosie gets around, and there is about 1 degree of separation between me and most of your commenters, here! So funny! We fanatics are a unique, and wildly social breed, apparently!