Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 New York Trip Part I - Opera, etc.

As you probably know, I was in New York City for the last week.  Ostensibly to see some operas, which I did, (top photo is the curtain call from La Donna del Lago at The Met) with Joyce DiDonato and Juan Diego Flórez.

 To the left is their glorious proscenium arch and the rows of balconies and boxes taken before Don Giovanni began.

I was lucky enough to see a  probably once-in-a-lifetime Carmen (yes, it was really that good) with Elīna Garanča (Carmen), Roberto Alagna (Don Jose) and Gábor Bretz (Escamillo).

Even the view from my hotel room window was pretty nice.  Definitely way above brick-wall status, and I have to say I had a wonderful trip all in all.

 While I was there I saw not only the 3 operas referenced above, but 2 musicals and a play on Broadway.  Kinky Boots, Chicago, and It's Only A Play.  They were all really good, and I'm glad I got the chance to see so many productions.  Originally I was to leave Sunday, but my flight was cancelled because of weather, and so I had Sunday to see It's Only A Play.

I did some shopping besides fabric shopping, although I didn't do much buying other than fabric, etc.  There will be a couple posts on fabric, and most of it is still en route to me since I had it shipped.  Saves weight in your luggage.


Mardel said...

Sounds lovely.

Liana said...

Mardel, It was so much fun. If only it had been warmer it would have been perfect.

Shams said...

Oh Don Giovanni is one of my favorite operas! It sounds like a great trip!

Liana said...

Shams, It was! I don't know that I have one favorite opera, but there are definitely some that are at the top of the list.