Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stretch Lace A-Plenty

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These are some of my favorites out of the treasure trove of stretch laces I got from Fabric Depot when I ordered one of their Stretch Lace Value Packs (4 pounds of assorted laces) and one of their Lycra Value Packs (10 pounds of assorted color lycras.) It was quite the bargain, and I did get some color choice on the lycras. Susan offered me pastels, brights, or darks, and I said I liked muted colors, and pastels were okay but not 'baby pastels,' and I didn't want any black. I'm not picky, am I? She said she thought she could do that, and I am very pleased with what she sent. I got 9 colors of lycra, each a very usably-sized piece, in varying weights and qualities. Some satin, some matte, all very nice.

And of course the laces are just utterly fantastic! Here's a view of the whole shebang.

There are really wide pieces, up to 11", and narrow ones of 3/8" with every size in between. There are 39 individual styles and colors, with varying lengths from a couple yards up to at least 10. Plenty to make all kinds of things that I haven't even thought of yet.

And now, just to make you drool a little....

The widest pieces.

Medium-Wide Pieces.

The Narrowest Laces.

There are some of the wider laces that are going to be a challenge to find a good/worthy use for. Some of them are galloons with matching edges on both sides, some are quite wide, with the fancy part usually at one edge, or in one case, with the fancy part in the center, and different patterns on each side. That one is blue, and about 10" wide. I'm sure it was made for a specific purpose, but it isn't coming to mind right away. You can see it below, and see what you think.

One of the most unusual pieces is this piece with an oriental figure. She has a small crystal in the center of her forehead. I think this is just lovely, and since it has to be used with the edge up, I thought of a bodice for a nightgown or possibly a camisole.

I thought this was very pretty, and kind of unusual, in that it looks like it's ruffled on the edges, but it's actually just embroidered to look as if it were ruffled.

There's some really nice white mesh elastic with scalloped edges that has the name Gilly Hicks, Sydney woven in the center every so often. I hadn't heard of her, but the website was interesting. There's about 3 yards with the name, and about 10 yards plain.

I've already used a few of the laces on some panties, and it's so much fun to be able to choose just the right thing from a wide selection.


Vicki said...

lol...I clicked the link to Gilly Hicks and what a treat =0

Great bundle of goodies you have there.

Summerset said...

I am so jealous! The laces are certainly drool worthy! I'm going to have to order up some of these assortments. I might not use them, but between my daughter and I, we'd probably be able to pick out color combinations we'd like.

gwensews said...

You hit the jackpot! What fun! The Gilly Hicks homepage is quite interesting also!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I had to look at the Gilly Hicks link to see what was so "interesting". Gotta love that homepage. ;)

You've inspired me to make some knickers. Putting in an order today. Can't wait! Thanks!

MaryPat R said...

Wow! What an enviable collection of fabrics! All this bra talk is making me long to join in. Bra making must be contagious.

Mardel said...

Oh Liana, what a lovely drool-worthy assortment. It must be fabulous to have this wonderful collection to choose from when the urge arises.

Nancy JC said...


All of your recent exploits into the "un-mentionables" (yes, that's what they were called in my mid-western farm family) arena make me drool. In fact, at my first-ever trip to Britex last week in San Francisco, I was prompted to pick up a lovely leopard print silk charmeuse similar to your leopard print. I thought what a lovely camisole or nightie that would make! Now I am wishing that my Burda WOF had started as soon as I had signed up (instead my first issue came in January).

So little time, so many ideas and inspirations. Thank you for continuing to be inspiration!

JoanneM said...

Lovely group of treasures. We have a Gilly Hicks here at the Mall of America and there is always a scantily clad,buff,youthful young thing greeting everyone who walks by the front door! Ahh youth!!!
I am searching for the pink leopard print- like in your earlier post- I'm on a mission!