Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Polka-Dot Stripes on a Windy Day

Last night I decided to make up a quick knit top from some cute fabric I'd just gotten, and this is the result. As you can tell, it was windy while I was out taking photos. This is why I love hairspray, but it doesn't always do the trick.

Link to Photo

As usual when starting a project a little too late at night, there were some strange twists with this one. I used the top pattern from the FSG #1960 Twinset Pattern, and decided to try an unsewn dart this time. I'm not sure that was a success, but it's acceptable for casual wear I suppose. The really "interesting" thing I did was to add 1/4" SAs to the pattern, meanwhile forgetting that it includes 5/8" SAs already. I ended up redoing the seams, as it was very shapeless at 1/4".

I added a small yoke to the front and ran the fabric crosswise there to take advantage of the stripes. The neckband was cut on the bias, but in places it still lines up with the stripes on the front, so I'm not sure it was a complete success there. Generally I'm happy with this, although I will go back to darts in my next tee.

I ordered yarn from Elann.com the other day and it always comes so quickly. I got a full bag of Needful Yarns Geranium in a colorway very similar to the photo.
and also some Adriafil Fruttamix in Summer Shower.
I just couldn't resist the summery look of them.

I finished the knitting on the baby sweater and need to block, sew on buttons, hide yarn ends, etc., and I'll be done. It's kind of cute, and although it looks kind of big to me, it matches the measurements given, so I'm hoping it will be all right.

Since it's done, I've gone back to Alex's sweater and have finished the ribbing and am just establishing the pattern stitches. Now the fun should begin.


gwensews said...

Good use of stripes. At first glance, your top looks like it has a saddle shoulder. It looks nice on you.

Have fun knitting. Hearing about it inspires me to start a new knit or crochet project.

Pretty yarns. Yummy!

Shannon said...

What an excellent placement of the stripes - takes an ordinary top and makes it very interesting!

Bonnie said...

LOL, I hit that sale too! I got a bag full of the Needful Geranium along with 2 other bag full sale yarn, plus a bag of cotton yarn for a summer shawl. I love that place. What are your plans for the yarn you bought?

Nancy K said...

I have tried rotating out the dart too and I like the dart look better. I do like what you did with the stripes. The yoke is a nice idea and for someone like me with narrow shoulders the horizontal stripe in a yoke like that is a nice way to add visual width.

Mardel said...

I like the shirt and the placement of the stripes. It does look like a saddle shoulder. I think I like the dart look better, for myself anyway, regardless of fashion.

The yarn is pretty. I have been avoiding Elann as I find it very difficult to control myself when I am there.

Lindsay T said...

Love how you worked this top. Gimme stripes and more stripes, I say!

Summerset said...

Great use of stripes! Wow, how windy it was! Love that yarn, too.

Thistledew Farm said...

I just popped over from Salina, you are amazing! I like the casual top - very fun pattern. I am jealous of the yarns. What project are you going to do with the geranium? They are lovely colors.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

The yoke stripes line up with the sleeves and it looks great :)I like the color too.

Kathryn, aka fzxdoc said...

I always enjoy seeing the colors of your projects, Liana. This is a great combo, especially on you, despite the wind! I also liked the way you added the front yoke to play with the stripes a bit. Enjoy wearing the top, Liana because you look really good in it.