Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Surprise from Sewsy & My Swatchbook

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I received these items in the mail just before we went to the ER last week and ended up at the hospital for almost a week, so I naturally put everything on hold. Things are much better now. Although, I was rubbing Pearle's feet this morning, and he swears I broke one! I really think (hope!) he's exaggerating, but with our luck lately....

Kim (Sewsy on Stitcher's Guild) has a sewing organization system she's selling, and she was kind enough to send me some samples of what she has. I like the smaller pages, which would fit my old Day Planner binder. I haven't checked to see if they'd also fit in the card file box I'm using now, but if they would, that would be handy. Not that I really need another notebook or organizing system, but there's always that little hope that maybe this time will be the one that "takes". Also, it's back-to-school shopping time, and I love paper and notebooks. The larger pages are not quite the same quality as the smaller ones, but they would give you a lot more space to write. Thanks Sewsy! It's great fun to get unexpected fun things in the mail! Sewsy had quite the interesting story about how she tracked down my address. I didn't know I was quite so incognito.


Vicki said...

Oh dear! I hope you (or was it Pearle?) are better now....except for his foot!

I haven't started on my coat yet (at all) unless you count cutting around the edges of the pattern!

Liana said...

Thanks Vicki! It was Pearle, and his foot seems to be okay too. I knew I hadn't broken it by rubbing it. :)

Linda said...

How do I get a hold of Kim
at Sewsy (Stitcher Guild)
I thought I left her a message but
no response. Linda