Monday, August 18, 2008

Marfy Fish Tank & Lace Musings

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I'm still trying to get back in the groove, and so rather than just wandering around my sewing room wishing I was sewing something, I whipped up a little Marfy tank last night. It's #9829, a TNT pattern for me, and I ordered this cute knit print from FabricMart early this spring to make up this summer, so I thought I'd better get at it, or summer will be over.

I used the twisted binding again on just the neckline this time, with plain binding on the armscyes, and I think it's cute. I thought about using a contrast binding, but not until I was just about done with this, and the pink I had wasn't quite the right color anyway.

Here's a side view. I really like the side coverage I get with this pattern.

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You may have noticed that I never wear plain white, and this is about as much white as I am comfortable with in a print. It's just not a color that I feel secure wearing, but I was crazy about these fish.

Lately I've been thinking more and more about the wonderful lace pieces that Prada had in their Fall collection. There have been multi-page spreads in all the magazines, and while I am not a lace person, these were just my cup of tea for some reason. I've been looking around on-line for a lace fabric that would approximate the look, and I think I may have found some. Now to decide if it can be dyed, since I don't want white lace. Here's what I'm looking at.

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I also played around last night with some organza I have, both gold and rust, and some gold lace with fabric leaves in it. I think it would make a really nice overlay, but I think it needs more of a contrast color under it, as both the gold and the rust make the lace disappear a little bit. I'm thinking of a sleeveless tabard or tunic-type thing over a plain dress, or even pants with a matching top, almost a jumpsuit effect.

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Lots of ideas here, but how many will come to fruition is another thing.


Daisy said...

I love the happy fish tank top!

Lindsay T said...

Me too, love all the Prada lace this season. I'll have to keep my eyes open the next time I'm in the garment district.

laura said...

I'm loving that lace as well. Perhaps a tunic. I also adore the organza. what would the right shade of olive green do under it?


Arthi said...

Oh man, that lace is ridiculously gorgeous. I'm jealous!

The fish top is cute. :)

Mandi said...

ever since I saw that Prada collection I've been looking for beautiful textured all-over lace and haven't found any! are you willing to share your source? ;)

Marji said...

Darling summer fish top. A local store here has that fabric, and I had to look at your top several times trying to think where I'd seen it.

I too love the lace. Great find. And that bottom lace you posted is really really interesting. Maybe over a slightly taupe underlayer?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Did you see the article Claudine posted on her blog about the town that made the lace for the Prada line? It is a really interesting read!

Linda said...

I am liking the lace as well. I am curious as to your source for this white lace shown here?