Sunday, December 23, 2007

One Last Sewn Gift

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I needed a quick gift for a little girl, and decided last night that an embellished bag would be just the ticket. Fun for me to make, and fun for her to get. I used some Pendleton wool that I'd used for a larger purse for her foster-mother a couple years ago, so I think she'll be pleased to have a "matching" bag. The lining is a black stretch cotton printed with stick figures in gold. One end of the handle is topstitched to the front and one end to the back, and a there is a snap closure. This is a very, very simple project, but I think it's just right for a six-year-old.

Showing the Inside.

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Better Photo of the Lining.

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Anonymous said...

Liana, That was so thoughtful of you to create a purse for her. I'm sure you have created a lifelong memory for her. AND I hope life goes well for her.
Thanks for all that you share. It's always a bright spot to read about your sewing or fiber-related life!
Best wishes for a healthy and joyful 2008.