Friday, June 08, 2007

Norah Gaughan Shell is Finished

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I finished the Norah Gaughan shell today that I've been working on. I used Bendigo's Cotton yarn, and I really think it turned out pretty well. My sister thinks it would have been a bit nicer if I had reversed the front pieces, and put the design panel on the right instead of the left, and I think she's right. Live and learn. I should know that things generally look better on me with the interest on the right. I'm sure I'll wear it anyway though.

It really was a fairly quick knit, and quite enjoyable, especially the patterned front panel. The front is done in 3 pieces which are seamed together. I'm sure there's a way to do them all as one, and I thought about it, but I wonder if the fact that there are seams on each side of the cabled panel gives it a bit more stability than if there weren't.

This was very nice yarn to work with as well. The pattern called for yardage that was just about 2 balls-worth, and so I ordered 3, just to be sure. It really took me very little over 1, so I have a lot left over. I did the Back in the Small size, and the Front in Large, changing to Small as I neared the shoulders. It went together with no problems.

I'm editing this to say that the just over 1 balls-worth is actually more like just over 4 regular 50g balls, since I used Bendigo's yarn, and they put theirs up in 200g balls. So I actually used just over 200g of cotton yarn. Hope this didn't mislead anyone!

I also have just found out that
Bendigo has a website, so you can see their products there, and order too. I don't know how the colors will look to you, but on my monitor they seem not nearly as pretty as they are in real life, so do order a color card. They've always sent those to me for free, and it's wonderful to have it.

Still windy today, but not as bad as yesterday. Many baby robins, grackles, cowbirds, and bunnies out today eating and bathing and generally enjoying the wind-free morning. I imagine they were all hiding under a bush or something yesterday. It was a dangerous day to be out.

On a somewhat sad note, Pearle's brother has the farm they grew up on and there's been a windmill there for 100 years. It's been shut off for the last 10 or so. The head (fan part) blew down yesterday. Luckily it missed all the buildings, but it's so sad to see an empty windmill tower on a place. Also, there's nothing to see which way the wind's blowing out in the country anymore. There used to be windmills in every section, but there are fewer and fewer all the time. This one was on top of a hill, on a high tower, so it was visible from a long way, and almost always got enough wind to pump water, although it wasn't used anymore, which is why they're disappearing everywhere. Now this one's gone too.


Vicki W said...

I think it looks great!

Maureen said...

It is sad to lose another windmill. My grandmother lived on a farm for awhile near Fremont and I was enchanted by the old working windmill. I think we Nebraska girls treasure those windmills and are sad to see the passing of monuments to another age.
Great top--great blog!

Vicki said...

The top is really cute. Like the way you have put the outfit together :)

Sew4Fun said...

I also think the top looks great just the way you made it.
Very nice job.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Liana - as always when I flip into your blog and see something new knitted I go pea green with envy! This is very pretty as usual and knitted so quickly. If you think I sew fast well I think you knit fast! *smile* Great top!

pdel said...

Liana: I so love the sweater that I tried to find the pattern. Where could I find same. Love your blog.

Adrienne said...

It looks great!

Linda said...

Lovely top. Not sure why one side or the other is better as I think it looks good as is. But the wearer always has certain preferences. I am so impressed with those who knit.

gold said...

It looks great on you!!I like that color.

Liana said...

Thank you everyone!

pdel, The pattern's in the book Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan. It has quite a few really interesting patterns. I'm planning to make the Ram's Horn Jacket too.