Friday, April 13, 2007

Tools for a Draping Class

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I'm signed up to take Angles & Details: A Draping Workshop sponsored by the Robert Hillestad Textile Gallery at UNL this weekend, and these are my supplies, gathered from my sewing tools, to fill the required list they sent.

  • 6 yards muslin
  • fabric shears
  • paper scissors
  • tape measure
  • clear plastic ruler
  • a healthy supply of dressmaker pins
  • colored string or yarn (about 4 feet)
  • needles
  • sewing thread in 2 colors
  • fabric marking pencil or chalk
  • notebook would be helpful
  • sharpened pencils

As you can see, I've fulfilled all the necessary requirements, including a few things I added, such as a small scissors for snipping threads, and a Chalkoner as well as a piece of tailor's chalk and a couple chalk pencils. You never know what's going to be easiest to mark with in any situation.

I must confess, I've never bought muslin before. I usually use bargain fabric to try patterns, but I wanted to do this right. I am following instructions, at least for now.... I assume the creativity will come later.

I'm a little nervous about this class, although I'm very excited as well. I've never done anything quite like it, and when I saw this notice, I immediately knew that I was interested.

Description: This is a day and a half workshop designed to explore the potential for using simple geometric shapes to form innovative garments. The process will move from paper to fabric. Participants will form garments by shaping, cutting and pinning fabric directly to the dress form. Some sketching will be done but will not be the primary focus. Outcomes might include wraps, rain capes, skirts or innovative jodhpurs. The aspect of closures and trims will be explored in keeping with the innovative spirit of the designers represented in the exhibition. Although a refined garment may not be produced in a day and a half, the goal will be to complete samples and a functional prototype.

Who should take the class: Individuals interested in alternative shapes for clothing and those interested in working with fabric directly on the dress form. No draping experience is necessary. The ability to use a sewing machine is a pre-requisite. May be of interest to quilters and weavers, and others who wish to explore wrapping textiles around the body. The workshop will focus on structure, not surface embellishment.

Biography: Instructors: Dr. Jean Parsons, Associate Professor Textiles and Clothing, Iowa State University and Dr. Barbara Trout, Professor, Textiles, Clothing and Design, University of Nebraska. Both instructors have numerous years of experience in apparel design and have earned national and international recognition for their apparel design work.


Shannon said...

Ooo - I am so jealous!! Have a great time and be sure to report back - I want to live vicariously through you.

Linda said...

Oh I am jealous too! I was just reading about draping to develop a fitting sloper in Threads. Here you are going to a real hands on class and this sounds much more in depth than the article in Threads. I know you will enjoy it and I think the creativity will increase for you as a result.

Lisa Laree said...

Wow, this sounds terrific! Have fun and we'll enjoy sharing your 'Aha!' moments when you get back ;)

Anonymous said...

I know you'll have a great time. What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for all that you share.

Lisa said...

I love that you've marked your tools with your label tape! Have fun.


AnnR said...

I'm seriously jealous!!!


Vicki said...

What a great way to spend the weekend....have fun....and report back!

Marji said...

adding to the crowd who're jealous. What a great experience. I love draping right on the form, and know that a catch up class would be wonderful. Last time I had any formal instruction in draping was in the 1970's.