Monday, April 09, 2007

Bunnies, Pants and Ornament


This is a darling, exquisitely made wool felt bunny mat given to me this Easter by my dear friend, Linda, from Maryland. We've known each other since college, when we worked together, and have always kept in touch, and remained close through our shared interest in textiles and textile-related activities. I feel really honored to receive this, as she's very busy with designing and making many wonderful art quilts and other articles, to say nothing of a busy family life. Talent drips from her fingers!

I made another pair of pants from my TNT Double Burda pattern, but I fell for some stretch woven fabric, and once again, my results with this type of fabric are less than thrilling. Barely acceptable is what I'd call them. They're going to be fine around-the-house/run to the grocery store pants, but not quite what I'd hoped for. It was not inexpensive fabric either, so I'm not very pleased. I am telling myself once again that this is the last time I will buy stretch woven (lycra content) fabric that I expect to act in a normal fashion. Lycra is for knits as far as I'm concerned. I know others love these fabrics and have great luck with them, but for me, they look like I dressed out of the ragbag, and I can do that look (if I want to) without making something new!

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I have subscribed to Ornament magazine, and my first issue is just wonderful. Really my cup of tea, with a lot of clothing, wearable art things that are really wearable, surface design, fantastic jewelry, etc. I would recommend you pick up a copy and take a look. It's inspirational if nothing else.

I also began another pair of pants. Same pattern, but with a drawstring variation that I like for summer and spring. The fabric is a silk which looks a little like a corduroy, but is in actuality, a flat weave. It is a perfect coordinate for a jacket fabric I have. It's a pale gold, almost a cream, and it has the perfect weight to hang beautifully, I think. I hope so anyway. I would say that I'd finish them today, but I have to put everything aside, and finish getting ready to host a music club tomorrow night. I'm just sorry that it's too cold to wash the windows. And if you believe that,....


Vicki said...

Thats a shame about your pants. Better luck with the silk ones!

Marji said...

I'm intrigued by the cover of this issue of Ornament. My next door neighbor is named Gail Bird, although Gail is a 'he' and he is 80 yr old.

I hear you on the stretch wovens. I have a love-hate relationship with them myself. I laughed out loud at your "dressing in rags' comment.