Saturday, April 28, 2007

Marfy 1294 Silk Chiffon Blouse and Silk Drawstring Pants

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Well, this is the result of my decision that I needed to add a few (or at least one) trendy piece to my wardrobe. The blouse is an edited version of Marfy 1294, which is one of the free patterns in the Spring 2007 Marfy catalog. Photo LinkPhoto Link
I liked it, but felt it was too young for me, and that I would look silly in it. However, I remembered a photo I had saved from a Fall 2006 runway show, and this pattern was perfect for making my own version. It's very similar except for the use of bands instead of elastic casings. The Moralioglu has the front band above the bust, which I very much like on the model, but I changed it to below the bust, which was much better on me.

The fabric was part of a free bundle from FabricMart, and was perfect for this blouse, so I was very pleased.

I really like the back neckline treatment, and the fact that the back is straight.
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The pants, which just happen to be a perfect match for the blouse, were made before I even decided to make the blouse. They are my regular pant pattern with a drawstring waist, in a corded silk fabric, which I like, but it does wrinkle almost like linen. They're very nice and cool though, so they'll be great for summer, which is what I wanted. It's supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow, so I guess it's about here.

You can see some detail shots of the blouse here.


Erica B. said...

Liana! How pretty! It looks great on you!

Claudine said...

Beautiful blouse, Liana!

Beth H said...

It's lovely, Liana! Nice work.

suzee said...

I agree, it's just lovely, and perfect on you.

Tany said...

Just lovely! You look great!

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

Gorgeous! You've taken the trend and made it yours.

sewsy said...

It's very inspiring that you've made something to wear that's a little out of your 'comfort zone'. I think the blouse construction looks fabulous, and it look fabulous on you. Great job, Liana.