Thursday, December 21, 2006

Vogue 8323

This is a first try on Vogue 8323, a nice knit top pattern. I used View A, with the crossover neckline, and added sleeves. I was planning to do long sleeves, but I only had enough fabric to do 3/4 sleeves. I altered the pattern before I began, but I will be doing a few things to it before I make it again. I do think I will make it again, as I like the style. It will be better in a beefier knit as well. You can see the photo larger here, and a sideview here.

It's been a long time since I made a Vogue knit top, and I must say, the instructions were particularly bad. They say the pattern is for Moderate Stretch Knits Only, and then on the View C instructions, they say, "If using a knit fabric...." What did they expect you to use? They also mention a serger only in passing, after instructing you in each step to do double-stitched seams. That technique is from the dawn of knit fabrics, if I recall correctly. I certainly haven't seen that anywhere for years. They really could stand to update their cut-and-paste library of instructional paragraphs.

I've been working on Christmas presents some, and only have one more thing to finish, which shouldn't be too difficult, I hope. Mainly, I have to find my instructions for a nice, twisted cord. I used some from an old copy of Piecework magazine once, and I liked the results.

I have stalled a little on the Marfy dress, as things have just overrun me, and I need time to decide whether I really like the plaid chiffon with the matelasslé. I think it should be nice, but then I worry.

I have begun again on the Fake-a-gamo (Ferragamo knock-off) bag. I was about 3/4 done with the first side, and started to kind of dislike it, so I quit for a while. I finished it the other night, making a few changes to the very top section, and I really think it's going to be neat. I'm about half-way through the second side now, so I'm hoping it will finish quickly. The photo on the left is the original, with the wonderful, yet difficult to replicate, wicker top. The photo on the right is the copy, and mine will be very similar, although more like the original in color. You can get the pattern at KnitLit.


Linda said...

I really like the Vogue 8323 pattern having made the funnel neck one with some adjustments. I have cut out the scoop neck version. I agree the instructions are archaic. Putting those aside, I really like the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Merry Chrismas And A Happy New Year
Wish You Evelyne/Sonnenschein