Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Many, Many Things, None of Them Fiber-Related

From Inbox

It's been quite the day, or two days, actually.

Yesterday I was basically gone all day from about noon until after 8pm. This is not conducive to getting to the things that I want to do, since there's always about so much time that's taken up by things I have to do, and there was barely time for that!

Today was rather similar, although I was at home more. It was a beautiful day today. Over 60 degrees, so I had planned to fill the fish ponds, which lose quite a bit to evaporation during very cold weather. The level falls until it's warm enough to fill them easily. It was a good day for this, but I ended up having to clean one filter, and rescue a smallish fish that was trying to swim up the tubing to the pump, and then got stuck! He seems to be fine, although I'm not going to believe that he's really okay for at least a few days anyway. Fish who seem fine after some weird adventure often suddenly die a few days later.

I also did a bunch of yard cleanup, and among other things, disposed of a topiary tree that seems to have met either a crabby woodpecker, or a Lilliputian Lumberjack.
From 12-5-06

I honestly don't know what happened to this, but I thought it was really funny. It's time for something new, anyway. I took this at the same time as the sunset photo. It was just really beautiful, and I was surprised it even looked anything like it really did, because sunset photos are usually very disappointing. They're like whale photos. It's unbelievable that a photo of a whale, the largest thing on earth looks like absolutely nothing, but it always does.


Anonymous said...

The topiary incident is so odd... we had a similar encounter with a small palm tree and a racoon recently, but he tore it up from the roots and tossed dirt about. Yours looks cleanly cut.
I'm thinking crabby woodpecker.

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

What a beautiful sunset. Too bad about the topiary. That is too wierd that something chewed it like that but didn't really eat it.

Liana said...

I thought it was really weird too. Maybe I've been slow refilling the suet feeders, and this is The Woodpecker's Revenge!