Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, I've progressed on several fronts. I've ordered some different contrast fabric for my Lonni Rossi cottons jacket. The original, which you can see in the topstitching photo, is just too boring. The main fabric is in the same colors, with a dark bamboo print, and a few gold leaves and crickets here and there. I have now ordered another Rossi print, which is a large scale chrysanthemum, with a lot more gold in it. You can see it above. I think I will like it a lot better, and it should liven things up a little.

I'm planning to do some decorative topstitching on both sides of the seams. Maybe not all of them, or maybe not all the same. I've been testing threads, and I think I've found the perfect gold that matches the metallic printed gold. It's a Madeira Rayon thread, and is the center line of stitching in the photo. The green thread is a very heavy (12wt.) cotton, from Sulky. I really like the look of it, especially the lightning stitch, which ends up looking a little like a twisted cord. I don't think it's the absolute perfect color however, and so I tried to find a better match today, but the shop was closed by the time I got there. I will try again tomorrow. I want something that's a little more closely matched, and thus more subtle than this. I've used this heavy thread for topstitching before, and I really like how it makes the stitching stand up off the fabric. I've also been testing stitches. I like the little clumpy things, and also the lightning stitch. I think I'll do some of one and some of the other, in groups as shown on the sample. I don't think I will use any of the straight stitch. I like it, but it looks awfully plain compared to the other 2 stitches. I was planning to do this on all the seams, but I'm now thinking just the main ones, or even just between the fronts and sidefronts. This will become clearer as I progress.

I also have made one more Potato Chip scarf, this one a black and white mohair blend. It's really soft, but with enough body to hold this shape very nicely.

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