Friday, September 01, 2006

Another Scarf

This is the latest Potato Chip Scarf. I may keep this one myself, as it has an edging which is very pretty I think, but the edging is also pretty loose, and may get snagged rather easily.

What happened is that I didn't bother to check, or even think about gauge on this, and although I changed to a 15 needle, I still used the same number of stitches. So, I ran out of yarn about halfway through the next to last even row. It's an old skein of bargain-brand bouclé which I think is beautiful, but I was sure I couldn't get anymore, and if I could it likely wouldn't match this dye lot very well anyway. I remembered some blue Bendigo fingering yarn that I made socks from, and by chance, it was a lovely match! Well, knitting with fingering yarn on size 15 needles is not exactly the recommended approach, and I think I might do something similar again, but with a crocheted edge, so it would be a little sturdier. I think the colors are beautifully misty, though, and it's light as a cloud.

I found out yesterday that I won the Personal Threads Boutique prize for my Cable/Bobble Sweater at the State Fair! So, that was a very nice surprise, and thank you to Personal Threads!

1 comment:

Linda said...

I love this scarf, the colour is just beautiful :-)
...and well done on your Personal Threads winning entry !