Friday, September 29, 2006

The Asian Fabrics Are Nice Together (Hooray!)

I finally got to put the jacket body together with the new contrast fabric tonight, and to my great relief, it's very nice. I ought to be able to finish up in a day or two I hope, if nothing unusual crops up.

I've been knitting with some really strange yarn called Samoa, by Austermann that I got from earlier this year. I bought two colors, one similar to what's in the picture below, and the other is a soft pink. It's 100% nylon, and it's extremely weird to knit with, as the little lumps are kind of like blobs of hosiery fabric and in between is just a medium thickness thread, about like a topstitching thread, so it is quite a difference in feel when knitting, and sometimes the blobs want to hang up on the threads. There is no easy movement of yarn within the stitches as there usually is. It makes a cute fabric though. I'm doing a shell and knitting circularly, as this would be horrible to have to sew.

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Kathleen C. said...

I really like mixing fabric patterns, and I really, really like Asian patterns... so I can't wait to see what you come up with!