Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Fabric / Old Machine

It's been quite a week. We went to the Pendleton Outlet in Nebraska City on Friday, and I did very well. They have wonderful fabric, and various sewing notions as well. I bought 5 lengths of fabric, all wool.

This is a fairly heavy wool jacquard with a lovely pattern in blue and taupe. I have vague jacket plans for it, although I got enough that I could probably do a coatdress if I wanted to.

This wonderful double-cloth wool is quite heavy, and I think an outerwear jacket is its probably destination. It's woven in panels 32" long, and is reversible. You can see both sides in the photo on the right.

I prefer the right side, at least for now. It's so much softer looking than the left, although the left has a more visibly detailed pattern.

These two are both featherweight worsted wool plaids, and they are so lightweight it's hard to believe they're wool. They will be shirts for Pearle. You can see the lovely drape in the blue photo.

I've also been looking for a very nice, tropical weight worsted wool in a dark brown, and here it is. My favorite dark brown wool pants were ready to go away, and now I can replace them. I bought enough for a skirt or jacket as well. I really think it won't be the jacket, as I don't need a basic brown jacket very badly. This wool is the only one that has a little lycra in it. Really very little, I hope. It doesn't stretch much, so maybe it will be all right anyway. I just really have come to almost hate stretch wovens most of the time.

(If you want to see larger, more detailed photos of these fabrics, please go to my Fabrics & Findings Gallery at Pbase.)

So, a very successful trip. I got some sleeve heads and interior binding as well as some invisible zippers.

The other thrilling thing, is that I finally got my Elna back from the sewing machine repairman. They had to order a very small part, and of course, the parts places aren't in any hurry. It's great to have it home again, although I've enjoyed renewing my acquaintance with my Kenmore. I think I'll leave it open for a while too, as it's very handy for some things, and I do love its chainstitch!


Lisa Laree said...

Ok I'm drooling! ;) I can't wait to see what you make from these...that taupe/blue is TDF and the double! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought the Pendelton outlet store closed? Or is this a different one?


Liana said...

Kayleen, The big Pendleton outlet in Bellevue closed. The one in Nebraska City is mostly finished garments, but they have fabrics, etc. in the basement. I hadn't been there since before Bellevue closed, and I think they have more fabric now than they used to, but nothing like Bellevue, and not nearly the range of notions either. Certainly worth a trip, however!

Lisa, Thanks, I'm still thinking about what to do with all these great things.