Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Like Aged Stonework

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Here's most of the bobble panel for my Silky Wool Cabled Sweater. I really like the way it's looking. It reminds me very strongly of ancient, weathered stonework whose carvings have been worn to softness. It's going rather quickly, and the bobbles have been fun, although originally I worried that I would get sick to death of doing them. They go very well, especially now that I've pretty much memorized the pattern. That helps amazingly, and although it didn't seem like it at the beginning, it is a pattern that makes sense, thus making it that much easier to memorize. I have about 5 more rows before I begin the body patterns. I want to make a new chart before I do that, as the one they have given is so very tiny, and there are some corrections that need to be made. I think a new, larger chart is just the ticket. Here's a close up of the bobble pattern.


may said...

Liana, your pullover is going to be beautiful! Love those lively bobbles. There seems to be some errors in the pattern though. In case you did not know, here is the link:

Liana said...

Thanks May! I'm going to do a new chart, so will be able to incorporate the corrections. I'm glad they make them available.