Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fabric Bonanza

I've been resisting new fabric purchases for some time, but when the dam broke, it was a real washout! You can see larger versions of these photos at my Fabric & Findings gallery at Pbase. The first 3 photos are fabrics that I've ordered from FabricMart.

I am hoping to make a long jacket from this metallic embossed cotton.

I want to use the giraffe for a longish, straight jacket, and the faux leather/suede for a top to go under it, with a bateau-neck, CF seam split at the top for a few inches. I hope to emulate a designer look. Otherwise, it may just be the giraffe effect, all by itself.

The 3 knits are from Timmel Fabric. The first two will be my old reliable Jalie Tees, and the last is a very interesting knit. It looks like an applied lace on a sheer, and I plan a twinset. I may use the new Jalie twinset pattern, or else Nancy Erickson's twinset pattern, in the shorter length.

Many, many plans, as usual. I should get to it instead of just talking about it!

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madhatter said...

ooooooh, i LOVE the first fabric! it´s so stylish and somehow the pattern reminds me of japanese fabric. i´m sure you´ll turn this in a georgeous dress :)