Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vogue #8123 Progress

This is the embellished collar for the jacket I've been making from Vogue #8123, and it's going awfully well. I underlined the entire thing in pink flannel with cute undies printed on it. Since it's also going to be lined, no one will ever see the flannel, but it was a very nice weight and quality, and at a great price. I washed and dried it on hot to preshrink it before I cut it out, and it seems very stable. I basted it together and tried it on before I cut out the Melton, and it was fine. I finally got the jacket together this evening except for the lining and the collar, and I really like it. The flannel added just the perfect touch, as the Melton was just a little flimsy feeling for this jacket all by itself. The instructions given by Vogue certainly would not enable you to get the results that you should be able to achieve. I added quite a lot of interfacing. Besides the front facings and collar, I also interfaced the hem and sleeve hems, and used strips at the neck seam.

I embellished the collar tonight, and may add some beads or a little embroidery, but it's basically done. The lining should go quickly, and that will be that. I have a lot of the Melton left, and am thinking that a skirt would be nice. It's such a nice color. I was told that it's called Covert.

The kicker in the middle of all this productivity is that my Elna began sounding like it needed a little rest and attention last night, so I packed it up and took it to the repair shop this morning. They promise results in a few days. Meanwhile, I'm using my old Kenmore, which you can see here, and it's sewing through all these layers like a dream.


Lori said...

Can't wait to see the jacket - the collar looks fabulous! Very funny that only you will know that this jacket is underlined with pink flannel printed with undies. Also, it is unfortunate that the Vogue instructions wouldn't result in the garment looking like the one depicted on the cover. They should at least warn sewers that their instructions will not give the couture look they show.

Amanda said...

I'm so jealous of your Kenmore. I love the old, heavy, metal sewing machines. I keep watching ebay, hoping to get a steal.

I keep thinking about making that cape/coat from Vogue. I'll wait and see what yours looks like :)