Saturday, January 14, 2006

More Stuff

That Vogue jacket has really spawned its own cottage industry! Thanks to several people on Sewing World, and especially Carolyn, I'm making a pair of my standard Double Burda pants out of some of the remaining Melton (which I now know is a color called Lovat) and I have enough left that I could make a skirt too. I also realized last night that the dark caramel rayon ribknit top will go beautifully, and there is a skirt cut out of that too if I would just stitch it up. It matches some of the embellishment on the jacket collar, and would be a very nice contrast I think. So, that skirt may be next, but right now I'm on the pants. I finished them last night, except for the hem. I like to do a Cynthia Guffey triple hem, as when you're done with them, they're in to stay, and absolutely invisible.

I received an order from elann on Wednesday, and I'm quite excited about it. I got enough Filatura di Crosa Valentino in Chestnut to make the free pattern they're offering for a shawl which can also be worn as a pseudo-cardigan. It's quite a neat design.

I also got some Silk City Cotton Gauze, which I want to use to make this very trendy Berroco Laced Cardigan, Joy.

Finally, I got enough Harris Shetland 4-ply to make a bobbled pullover from a fairly recent Vogue Knitting.

So, I think I will be somewhat busy for the forseeable future. The weather has been so lovely since Christmas (55 right now!) that I suppose soon I'll have to cut into the Fiber Time for gardening. I'm not complaining though. It's gorgeous outside, and I am on the lookout for pansies.

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Gidget said...

Oh WOW! That outfit takes my breath away. How gorgeous!

Your choice of textures are so inspiring! I cannot wait to see the finished product.